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Long Gone Day: Kickstarter Project – Made their way to SXSW 2014

Key Takeaway: “Promote your campaign on social media and give your fans a deadline to give support. Provide multiple tiers of contribution with some creative incentives, like teaching a fan a song of their choice.”

New Jersey rock band Long Gone Day was given the chance of a lifetime to perform at SXSW. The only problem was, they were 1800 miles away from the festival and had no way to get themselves, or their gear, to Austin. After making travel arrangements and teaming up with another band, Long Gone Day turned to their fans through a Kickstarter campaign.

“About a month before the trip we started a Kickstarter campaign to raise some funds for travel, food and merch. At first we had a little response but ended up creating an event on Facebook for the campaign, with a deadline of the Friday before the trip. As soon as we promoted the campaign on Facebook, the ball really started rolling. We set up multiple tiers of contributions with some creativity thrown in.”

  • $5 just cause you like us
  • $10 for a download of our album
  • $200 for a guest list spot for every show we play in 2014

“We also added in smaller incentives, like learning a song of your choice or staying overnight with us on a travel gig. We were hesitant about offering these, thinking no fans would be interested, but we were wrong! It worked, and we were able to offset all of our merch costs and almost all of our travel costs as a band. It was a great experience to connect with our fan base as well as involve them in the process.” – Scott Ryder, Long Gone Day



Aside from looking for the next great gig/tour, Long Gone Day has recently opened their own music publishing company and is looking to have their tracks featured in commercials, TV shows, movies and video games.


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